Netflix now has 125 million users

The number of subscribers has soared up from last year's total

Netflix has seen a huge surge in the number of people using the service to watch television shows and films, with 7 million new users subscribing in the last year.

Over 125 million people now stream content on the service – a huge increase from last year’s total of 117.6 million.

The streaming giant reports a revenue of $3.7 billion over the last year, and the tech company claims that much of this income will be reinvested back into developing new shows, and “members’ delight”.


Though Netflix is well known for producing its own original TV content, surprisingly programmes like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Orange is the New Black account for just a fifth of viewing overall. Instead, majority of users seem to prefer watching licensed television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy.

A recent survey by 7Park suggests that many subscribers don’t actually watch the company’s original content. 80% of US users apparently use Netflix to watch shows such as Breaking Bad and The Office instead of original content.

Meanwhile, Netflix has pulled its films from Cannes Film Festival following a row between the two entertainment giants.