New ‘Angry Birds’ game ties in with animated comedy ‘Rio’ – video

Watch the two teams of birds battle it out on NME.COM

The Angry Birds iPhone app team have joined forces with the makers of animated comedy Rio for a new installment of their hit game.

Blue Sky Studios‘ 3D computer animation follows the adventures of a pair of blue macaws, and app developer Rovio have launched a new version of the smash game to tie in.

Click above to see a specially-made mash-up video that portrays what happened when the two teams of birds met.

When it launched yesterday afternoon (March 22), Angry Birds Rio immediately became the top-seller in Apple‘s App Store.

iPhone users can download the game through, with the iPad version also available from the site.

The game is released in the UK on April 8. It features the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jane Lynch, Tracy Morgan and William.Video