New ‘Back To The Future Theory’ suggest Marty’s parents knew that he was a time-traveller

'Great Scott!'

A new fan theory has emerged, suggesting that Marty McFly’s parents in ‘Back To The Future’ were aware that he was a time-traveller all along.

The original classic sci-fi comedy sees Michael J Fox as Marty McFly travel back in time to 1955 with Doc Brown where he accidentally leads his mother into falling in love with him. After working to ensure that his parents’ relationship goes on as planned and the course of history goes unaffected, McFly assumes that he has successfully kept order in the universe.

However, now Reddit user djbred18 believed that there is enough evidence to suggest that Marty’s parents did in fact recognise him from the past and know that he had travelled back and met them in 1955.


Check out their theory below:

“I realised that at the end of the movie, when Marty looks at his truck and is talking to Jennifer, he glances back at his parents in the door, and they give him a nod and smile and turn and walk away. What if Marty’s parents remembered/realised exactly who he was and bought him that truck as a sort of way of saying thank you?

“It is such a weird scene to have in the movie otherwise. Yes you could argue that they were smiling and giving him privacy because they approve of Jennifer and his relationship with her and wanted to see his reaction to the truck.

“But to me it makes more sense that they were like… ‘Our son looks just like that kid who disappeared from school without ever being seen again.”

“Oh and that kid knew the song Johnny B Good, Darth Vader and Vulcan before they ever came out.

“The kicker for the mom would have been the first time she saw a Calvin Klein ad on a billboard! I think those nuggets of future wisdom helped them piece it all together. I mean they had a 30 years to figure it out!”

“And of course they couldn’t say anything to him about it because they were smart enough to know that any mention of the events could potentially harm what happened.”

“So they played it smart, didn’t say anything and instead bought him a truck as a thank you.

“Why else would they have bought him a vehicle and not his siblings?

“Keep in mind his brother was going to borrow the BMW to get to work.

“There you have it. Marty’s parents weren’t as ignorant to what happened as many have have thought.

“The proof is in that knowing smile they share in the doorway [in 1955]…’Marty, I like that name’.”

Last year, it emerged that Nike were planning to release their own ‘self-lacing’ trainers, as seen in the ‘Back To The Future’ film franchise.

The Nike Mags are completed with “individually responsive ‘power laces’” that sense the foot and lace automatically – a concept first imagined in the film three decades ago.