Datamine of new demo for Pokémon game ‘Sun and Moon’ reveals new characters

YouTuber Kaphotics has delved deep into the datamine to reveal a plethora of details about the upcoming game

A datamine of the demo for the new Pokémon game, Sun and Moon, has revealed that new characters will be introduced.

The latest in the long-running gaming series will be released on Nintendo DS on November 18, with the release ushering in the seventh generation of the Japanese pocket monster juggernaut, which was first introduced with the classic games Red and Blue in February 1996.

Although the demo was only released yesterday (October 18), data from the new game has already been revealed by internet users who have utilised the process of datamining to reveal Sun and Moon‘s secrets. As IGN reports, a YouTuber by the name of Kaphotics has detailed what has been uncovered in the datamine in a series of YouTube videos, which you can view below.


One of the headlines from the datamine has been the introduction of new Pokémon, with the datamine going as far to reveal Sun and Moon’s entire Pokédex. This includes the character Marshadow, who many are tipping to be classed as a legendary Pokémon.

Watch Kaphotics’ videos, which detail the information about the new game, below.


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