A new ‘Die Hard’ trailer has finally settled the long-running Christmas debate

Can't argue with facts...

A new trailer for Die Hard has been released, and it’s finally settled the decades old debate over whether it can be considered a Christmas film or not.

As well as being the iconic action classic that immortalised John McClane (Bruce Willis) in big screen history, fans have long argued over whether the events at Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve mean that it qualifies to be a festive classic.

But it seems that Twentieth Century Fox have the definitive answer – they’re describing it as “the greatest Christmas story ever told”.


Yes, the people behind it have finally argued that it is a Christmas film, and the trailer is the absolute proof of that.

In it, we see John McClane described as the man “who just wants to spend Christmas with his family.” Later on, a voiceover states: “This Christmas get ready to jingle some bells and deck the halls with bows of…”, shortly before we see McClane calling the wife of his name Holly.

And if that wasn’t enough, the film’s title appears late on – and it just so happens to be decked out in Christmas lights. So that’s that.

But not everyone agrees. Earlier this month, a survey revealed that a staggering 62 percent of Americans don’t consider Die Hard to be a Christmas film. 

They’re backed by Bruce Willis, who previously addressed the debate once and for all – admitting that “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie”.