First images of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ sequel starring Kristen Stewart have been released

The movie will also star Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska

The first images from the upcoming new Charlie’s Angels movie have now been released.

Announced back in 2017, instead of a Charlie’s Angels reboot the new movie will now be a “continuation” of both the iconic 70s series and the 00s movies, according to a recent interview with director Elizabeth Banks for Entertainment Weekly.

“If you were rich in 1976, you only got richer,” Banks said in her interview. “Charles Townsend is richer than ever, so he’s grown the business into a global spy agency.”


The Angels will be played by Kristen Stewart, who will star as “the hard-partying, highly skilled wild card” Sabrina Wilson, Ella Balinska as Jane Kano, known as the “muscle,” and Naomi Scott as Elena Houghlin, a scientist who trained at MIT.

Banks, Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou will all play the role of Bosley, who in Banks’ vision is now “a rank in the organization” akin to lieutenants.

“All of the Angels have been played by different women and have had different names, but the Bosley character was always named Bosley no matter who played him,” explained Banks. “We thought, ‘Well, that must mean it’s more than a name.’”

Elizabeth Banks directing ‘Charlie’s’ Angels’.

This new version of Charlie’s Angels will be the first on the big screen to be helmed by a female director. “It’s a really exciting moment for female-driven films,” Banks said, listing Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel as recent examples of box-office successes. “Audiences are really looking for those aspirational stories about real and relatable characters, and I think the women in my movie are definitely real and relatable, but most importantly, I think they’re really fun.”

Aside from Banks revealing what fans can expect from her take of the iconic all-girl crime-fighting trio, a series of new images have also been released via Entertainment. See below:


Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott star in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Kristen Stewart stars in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks star in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Noah Centineo as Langston and Ella Balinska as Jane in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Last year, Kristen Stewart teased the new Charlie’s Angels movie would be “woke”. Speaking to Variety, she said: “I know if I say this a certain way, I know that this will be written down. But it’s not such a bad thing. It’s kind of like a ‘woke’ version.”

She added: “It’s still gonna be fun and Charlie’s Angels-y, but it will also be current and modern.”

Twilight star Stewart last year starred alongside American Horror Story and La La Land actor Finn Wittrock in Interpol’s edgy new video for ‘If You Really Love Nothing’.

Playing a reckless lover, Stewart ultimately sabotages her relationship with Wittrock’s character as the two party in a a nocturnal LA club, playing up to the song’s dark, intense themes of nihilistic allure and crushing despair.