New Netflix thriller ‘Dark’ hailed as the next ‘Stranger Things’

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A new Netflix thriller set in a sleepy German town has received rave review from critics, with some hailing it as the next Stranger Things.

Dark premiered on the streaming service earlier today and follows the lives of four families after the disappearance of two children, with the mystery exposing strained relationships and a sinister supernatural undercurrent that dates back more than 30 years.

But while the show has received little fanfare or attention, it might just become your next viewing addiction after receiving huge praise and widespread comparisons to Stranger Things.


Dark takes its cues from shows that have been pop culture successes in recent years”, IGN claimed in a glowing review. 

“The Stranger Things comparison is relevant, due to the use of ’80s music, kids riding bikes, and a government conspiracy lurking at the edge of town.

Dark is also a more mature version of Stranger Things, featuring a great deal of swearing, nudity, and gore. Thankfully, none of the ‘R-Rated’ material feels excessive. Dark lives up to its name in terms of its narrative […] Dark is a delightful bit of supernatural fun that’s worth the 10 hours it will take to finish when it releases on December 1st.”

Stranger Things comparisons were also made by The Hollywood Reporter, who described it as a European answer to the hit show.

“Playing into Teutonic stereotypes, Dark could be pitched as a brooding European take on Stranger Things, with all of the precision-engineered, universe-bending mysteries and 1980s nostalgia, but none of the warmth or humor or relatable characterizations”, a review stated.