New ‘X-Men’ character’s back story cut from ‘Deadpool 2’

The Ryan Reynolds-led sequel will start shooting this June

Writers of the forthcoming Deadpool 2 movie have decided to shelve the back story of a new X-Men character in the sequel.

Cable is set to make an appearance in the 2016 box office smash but Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have decided to cut his origin story because it is so complicated.

In the comics, Cable is Nathan Summers, the present day son of X-Men character Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey called Madeline Pryor.


Foretold to kill Apocalypse, the villain infected Nathan with a lethal techno-organic virus, so his elder sister Rachel (from an alternate reality) took him into the future where he stood a chance of survival.

Cable eventually returns to the present as a mysterious, older bounty hunter figure known for using more brutal methods than the regular X-Men.

“So with Cable, he’s got such a convoluted past, and such a convoluted origin story that I think we’re going to try to leave that, not mysterious, but there are a lot of twists and turns, cloning and all this stuff where you go, ‘Oh my God. How do we get that across in a two-hour movie?’ Wernick told Collider.

“I think we’re going to distill him down to his essence. It will be authentic and faithful, but it’s not going to include the 18,000 details if you were going to read a Wikipedia page about Cable, you’d roll your eyes.”

The actor playing Cable is yet to be announced, although Bloodline‘s Kyle Chandler has been rumoured for the role.


Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (played by Stefan Kapicic) will return for the forthcoming sequel.

It has also been recently reported that Deadpool 2 will start shooting in June 2017, several months later than originally planned. Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones has said she wants to play Deadpool’s sidekick in the sequel.


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