Nicolas Cage on ‘Season Of The Witch’: ‘I thought a wolf was going to bite my face off’

Actor admits to being scared on set of new film

Nicolas Cage has admitted he is still shaken after an encounter with a wolf during a scene in his new movie Season Of The Witch.

Cage told WENN that to shoot the scene he had to stare at a wolf for an entire day.

“That was a scary day,” he said. “That really was. I had a wolf that was snarling, a real wolf in my face and there was nobody holding on to him, and I was only like a foot away.”

He added: “A few things did flash in my mind – that I was going to lose my face and I was going to get bitten. It got to me. That was a scary day and one I won’t forget in a hurry.”

Season Of The Witch, which has been savaged by critics, was released last Friday (January 7).