This budget-friendly Nintendo 2DS bundle was made for Mario fans

Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D Land and a great handheld console

Launched in 2011, Nintendo’s 3DS was a leap forward in portable gaming: it offered mind-bending stereoscopic 3D in its second screen. The 2DS, released in 2013, is an XL version of the console, which doesn’t offer 3D and doesn’t fold in half, but still has all the same functionality as the 3DS – making it a covetable budget version of the console we already know and love. Today Game are offering this evolved Gameboy – alongside two critically acclaimed games – for the insanely low price of £79.99.

The first game is one you’ll already know: Mario Kart 7 is the latest portable version of the Mario-themed racing games, and in its review, Gamespot called it “the best entry yet in the long-running series”.

Super Mario 3D Land, meanwhile, is a new spin on the Super Mario platformer series – although on this console, without the stereoscopic 3D screen, you obviously won’t be experiencing it in 3D. In its review of the game, IGN wrote: “If you own a 3DS system, you have no choice – you simply must own this game.”

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