No Charlie Sheen or Bill Clinton for ‘Hangover 2’

Todd Phillips rubbishes online speculation

The director of The Hangover Part II has rubbished reports that Charlie Sheen and Bill Clinton are set to appear in the film’s forthcoming sequel.

Todd Phillips was moved to speak out following widespread online speculation the former US President and disgraced actor would appear in cameo roles.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Phillips said that while Clinton did share a dinner with hims and the film’s stars in Bangkok, there are no plans for any cameo.

“He stopped by the set because the Secret Service guys were like, ‘Hey, that would be fun on the way out of town to stop by a movie set’,” he said. “But you can’t control what somebody writes on the internet.”

The director also rubbished speculation that Sheen was being lined up for a role in the movie. “Somebody on some tiny little site made something up that said Charlie Sheen was in talks for Hangover 2 and then it gets picked up by every other site as a fact,” he said. “It’s not true. It’s so frustrating.”

Last night (March 7) it emerged that Sheen had been fired from his TV show Two And A Half Men.