Noel Gallagher reveals how he made Liam afraid of ghosts

Oasis guitarist convinced his brother that he was being haunted

Former Oasis man Noel Gallagher has described how he convinced brother Liam Gallagher that he was being haunted by ghosts.

The elder Gallagher brother has recalled how the Britpop band would often pull pranks on each other.

“It’s highly amusing and if we were ever anywhere remotely spooky, we’d tell Liam that the house was haunted, particularly his bedroom,” Noel said, as reported by The Mirror.


Matters escalated during the recording sessions for ‘Be Here Now’ at Ridge Farm in Surrey, he said.

Noel explained: “We convinced him his bedroom was haunted, so when he’d get up in the morning and go and have his breakfast, someone would go in and turn the pictures back to front, or fucking move a lamp beside his bed across the other side of the room.”

“He’d arrive pale: ‘Have you been in my fucking room?’ ‘No, why?’ ‘You’ve been in my room, because now the fucking lamp is in the toilet.’ ‘No way, fucking hell. Wow.'”

“Yeah, that was amusing. That was worth it.”

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The Gallagher brothers have had a tense relationship since the Britpop group’s 2009 split, with Liam recently criticising Noel publicly, calling him a potato, a toad, a “scary clown”, describing him as the “Ronnie Corbett of rock” and comparing his brother’s dress sense to that of Gary Barlow.

Liam has also compared Noel to Hitler and Oasis to Jesus while calling Noel a “bread head”.


Liam recently opened up about his troubled relationship with Noel and revealed the one thing that’s stopping the long-rumoured Oasis reunion.