Noel Gallagher shares amazing anecdote about meeting Matthew McConaughey

It involves a wedding and a hat

Noel Gallagher has shared an anecdote about the first time he met True Detective and The Wolf of Wall Street star Matthew McConaughey.

Speaking to Radio X ahead of releasing his new High Flying Birds album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ (read NME’s review here), he spoke about how they met at an acquaintance’s wedding.

“We’re on tour in South America with U2 and we’re at a wedding and it’s a really good friend of ours and he lives in Hollywood, Beverly Hills to be exact,” Noel begins. “And all these people are gonna be at this wedding.  So, we ‘re in the hotel foyer before we have to go off to this wedding thing.  And me and Sara, I’ll admit we’d had a couple of drinks.”


He then built up the guts to approach McConaughey. “I said to him, ‘you don’t know me but I love you’.  And he went [laughing], [imitates American accent] ‘first of all, I wanna thank you for coming across here and spreading the good word.  Secondly, let’s get this couple married and we’re gonna stretch the ‘something’ out of this party.’  And I was like, ‘you know what, mate me and you are gonna be friends forever now.’”

They exchanged words again at the wedding bar. “He said to me, yeah … he said to me at the bar, he said, ‘my brother do you wear a hat?’  And I went, ‘no.’  And he said ‘you can’t wear no hat, your thoughts are too big for a hat’… and I was like, ‘That is so true.  [That’s] why I don’t wear a hat.’”

Gallagher also dismissed claims his ‘Holy Mountain’ song sounds like Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’. “I must say, out of all the things I’ve read, the one thing that was never played to me in the studio was ‘Ricky Martin’,” he said, admitting that the two songs shared a vaguely similar-sounding chorus.

Earlier this week, Noel dismissed claims he’d “coordinated” his album release with Liam for “publicity”. He stated: “It’s slightly annoying. My shit is not reacting [to Liam’s album]. It’s not reactionary on that level to anybody’s.

“When your record’s ready, it goes, and that’s the end of it, and if it’s near to the other fellow’s, then that’s it,” he said.