Now they’re planning a re-boot of classic ’80s sitcom ‘ALF’

Remember ALF? He's back...

Reports suggest that Warner Bros. are in the ‘early stages’ of developing a reboot of classic ’80s TV sitcom ALF.

The hit show ran for four seasons between 1986 and 1990, telling the story of a friendly and sarcastic alien who crash-landed in the garage of the Tanner family. Over 102 episodes, the wise-cracking, cat-hating extraterrestrial got caught up in various misadventures as he attempted to blend in with suburban American life.

Now, TV Line reports that work has begun on a reboot, as the studio search for a writer to spearhead the project. Paul Fusco was famsouly the puppeteer and voice of ALF character, as well as co-creator, writer, director and EP. His involvement in the show’s future is yet to be confirmed.


Since reports emerged, fans of the show have taken to social media to share their reactions.


Since the show’s cancellation, ALF has been referenced in the likes of Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hot Tub Time Machine – and most famously The Simpsons as part of Milhouse’s Pog collection.

This comes after it was recently reported that Kelsey Grammer is currently ‘exploring’ the potential of rebooting Frasier. The reboot, which has been pitched to writers by Grammar himself, would reportedly take place in a new city.

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