People in France are ‘rioting’ over Nutella

A hefty discount on the chocolate spread has sent some shoppers over the Channel into a frenzy this week

Reports from France have claimed that shoppers have been “rioting” over Nutella after the chocolate spread was heavily discounted by one of the country’s largest supermarket chains.

Intermarché supermarkets across France have offered a 70% discount on Nutella this week, with jars of the spread being sold for just €1.40 – down for its original price of €4.50 (£3.90).

The discount has proved very popular in France – so much so that some shoppers have reportedly been acting like “animals”.


“They are like animals,” one shopper was quoted as telling French media. “A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand.”

The scenes in some Intermarché supermarkets have been enough for store management to have to call the police, with some instances of Nutella-buying being described as “riots” by locals.

One employee of an Intermarché in the north-eastern town of Forbach told AFP that the scenes he’d witnessed had been “like an orgy”.

“People just rushed in, shoving everyone, breaking things. It was like an orgy,” he said. “We were on the verge of calling the police.”


Over 365 million kilos of Nutella, which is made by the Italian company Ferrero, is consumed every year in 160 countries around the world.