Check out the shit Oasis tattoo and Noel cover-up on this week’s ‘Tattoo Fixers’

Oasis superfan Ian's tragic 'Wonderwall' misquote became a gallery-worthy Noel

There can’t be one among us who hasn’t woken up after an almighty night on the voddie to find the Chinese symbols for ‘get out of my tattoo parlour, you drunk bastard’ inked forever above their arse-crack. But few have it as bad as Ian, someone you might describe as a bit of an Oasis fan, who appeared on E4’s Tattoo Fixers this week – catch the episode on All4 now.

On the tail end of a three-day bender in the mid-’90s, his mates dared him to get a tribute to his favourite band tattooed on his back. The result was a very wobbly and misspelt ‘Fuck Them All U.R. My Wunderwall’ on his shoulder, a tatt only slightly less classy than a Jimi Hendrix fan getting inked with the phrase ‘excuse me while I kiss this guy’.

One trip to the Tattoo Fixers studio and several hours of hardcore inking from resident portrait guy Jay later, and Ian’s shoulder was no longer drunkenly swearing at all and sundry. Instead, he had an image of Noel G emblazoned across his back that deserves to be sprayed a hundred feet high up the Arndale Centre. “Now he’ll no longer have to look at his back in anger,” tattooist Jay Hutton quipped. Now all he needs is a Liam on his other shoulder, calling his Noel a potato.

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