Oasis turned down ‘Trainspotting’ because they thought it was about trainspotters

Noel Gallagher reportedly passed on the opportunity to contribute to the film's soundtrack

Oasis turned down the chance to contribute to the Trainspotting soundtrack, according to the film’s costume designer and producer.

Danny Boyle’s iconic 1996 film about a group of Glaswegian heroin addicts featured a blend of contemporary and classic songs by the likes of Iggy Pop, Elastica, New Order, Blur, Pulp and Lou Reed. The soundtrack album proved so popular that a second compilation of music from the film was released.

The Telegraph reports that at a recent Q&A session, Trainspotting‘s producer Andrew Macdonald and costume designer Rachel Fleming explained why Oasis failed to join them on the soundtrack.


“Danny [Boyle] is from near Manchester and he was very keen to have Noel Gallagher do something but there was a reason why he didn’t do it,” Macdonald said. “He came to the launch party in Cannes, but I don’t know why he didn’t do a piece of music.”

Fleming then added: “I met Noel at a thing the other week and he said to me: ‘I would have done something, but honestly I thought it was about train spotters. I didn’t know.’ That’s what he actually said.”

During the interview, Macdonald also discussed T2, next year’s eagerly-anticipated sequel to Trainspotting.

“It’s 20 years later and they have all moved on. They are at different places in their lives and some of them may even have children,” he explained. “I think because of the integrity of it and Danny insisting it was the same actors, people will be okay with it.”

“It is working out to be its own thing,” he continued. “But the characters aren’t 20-years-old anymore and you’re not going to become 20-years-old by watching it.”


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Starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle, T2 is due to be released in the UK on January 27.

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