Watch President Obama talk playing golf with Bill Murray at the White House

Obama discusses Murray's recent visit to the Oval Office

President Obama has recalled playing golf with Bill Murray, speaking on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Appearing on the US late-night show, Obama was asked about baseball team Chicago Cubs advancing to the world series. Obama is a fan of the Cubs’ rivals, the White Sox. “I am rooting for my hometown team, even though it is not my team,” Obama replied.

Murray recently gatecrashed the White House press room in a Cubs fleece and cap. Obama explained of the incident: “I don’t usually allow that to happen… Most people come with a shirt and tie. It was Bill Murray, so I get no tie, but don’t rub it in with a Cubs jersey on.”


Obama went on to revealed that he and Murray had a game of golf on the carpet of the Oval Office. “He won repeatedly,” Obama admitted, poking fun at Donald Trump by saying that the game was “rigged”. Watch below.

See Murray gatecrash the White House in the clip beneath.

Obama has appeared in Kimmel’s popular ‘Mean Tweets’ segment, which sees celebrities reading negative tweets people have posted about them online.

In the clip, Obama reads a tweet from Donald Trump, which saw the Republican candidate claim that Obama would go down as the “worst president in history”. Obama’s response: “Well, at least I will go down as a president”.


Elsewhere in the video, Obama recites a tweet in which he is described as “the Nickelback of presidents”. Watch here.