Olympic opening ceremony to be made into feature-length film

Film of Danny Boyle's 4-hour spectacular will 'make things clearer'

A full-length feature film of the Olympic opening ceremony is to be released on DVD, according to reports.

The Guardian report that Danny Boyle is currently editing a feature-length version of the spectacular four-hour show, which will give a clearer insight into the director’s creative vision for the opening ceremony.

According to the article, Boyle said he “hopes to make things clearer” by giving people more time to spot the references and hidden meanings they may have missed in the live TV show.

The film will have all the typical Boyle trademarks and will feature music from the ceremony – which was overseen by Underworld – including the performances from Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys and Paul McCartney.

Boyle will use the clips from Gregory’s Girl and Trainspotting seen in the ceremony and revealed he’ll also add more classic movie scenes to the film, as he was forced to cut some out of the live show because of time constraints. There is currently no release date for the film.

A peak of 27 million UK TV viewers watched the four-hour Olympic opening ceremony, which had an ‘Isles Of Wonder’ theme and featured Bond star Daniel Craig and The Queen apparently leaping from a helicopter into the Olympic Stadium.