Oscars: ‘Blade Runner’ actress Sean Young arrested for slapping security guard at Academy Awards party

Nine others were arrested in conjunction with the big event in Hollywood last night

Actress Sean Young – who starred in the 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner with Harrison Ford – was arrested at an Academy Awards after party last night (February 26), after she slapped a security guard.

The incident happened outside the Governor’s Ball after party in Los Angeles. The actress was taking photos by the entrance to the event but when security found out that she and her friends did not have tickets to the party, they were asked to leave. TMZ reports that she and her friends complied, but not long after Young returned and was then asked to leave again. It is thought that a security guard placed his hand on Young’s arm, to which she responded by slapping him. The guard put Young under citizen’s arrest until the Los Angeles Police Department took her away from the scene.

Young was taken to a police station in Hollywood and arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. LA Times reports that she was released on $20,000 (£12,626) bail in the early hours of this morning. She will appear in court on March 19.

Nine other people were arrested in conjunction with the 84th Academy Awards, for crimes including trespassing, robbery and forgery.