Pamela Anderson on ‘Baywatch’ movie: ‘No one appreciates the remakes’

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Zac Efron to star in big screen adaptation

Classic TV series Baywatch is getting the big screen treatment, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron set to don the iconic red bathing trunks.

One person who won’t be appearing in the remake, though, is original star Pamela Anderson. The actress, whose portrayal of CJ Parker helped make her a 1990s icon, has spoken to TMZ about her unhappiness over the forthcoming project.

“No one appreciates the remakes,” said Anderson, who went on to describe the show’s run as the best time of her life and the ’90s a “simpler, sweeter time” for TV. The Barbed Wire star also revealed that she had not been offered a role in the movie.

One of the series’ stars who may be involved, however, is David Hasselhoff. Radar sources have claimed The Hoff will sign on for a role if the right amount of money is on the table.

The new Baywatch looks set to be a self-aware comedy in the vein of the 21 Jump Street films, which have proven a critical and commercial success by simultaneously celebrating and poking fun at the 1980s show about cops going undercover at high schools. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot follows a straight-laced lifeguard (The Rock) who teams up with a young hothead (Efron) to save their beach from falling into the clutches of an oil tycoon. Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon will helm the project.

The Rock last week took to Twitter to welcome Efron to the cast, describing the movie as “big, fun and RATED R”.