Gone To Pot is pure telly gold – and not just because Pat Butcher got high with nuns

Forget Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, Gone to Pot is the only TV show you need

Last night something truly special graced us lucky viewers telly screens: it was Gone to Pot, and it was the silver screen gold that producers can only dream of creating. The premise is simple; five celebs get on their magical mystery bus and go on a psychedelic American road trip exploring the legalisation of marijuana. And it was properly brilliant.

Starring a ragtag bunch of celebrities, including former EastEnders star Pam St Clement (Pat Butcher), Christopher Biggins, retired footballer John Fashanu, Loose Women panellist Linda Robson and darts legend Bobby George. The squad travel around the US meeting locals who use marijuana, and finding out if it could help them with their various medical ailments. And people bloody loved it:

Not convinced? Here are the most batshit moments from Gone To Pot, which made it viewing gold.

John Fashanu blames his martial arts skills on why he’s never tried pot

Throughout, Fashanu constantly explains to his fellow celebs why he’s never tried pot, first declaring: “I classify marijuana with cocaine, heroin, with any other of the A listed drugs.”

But later on he clears up another reason why he doesn’t want to indulge, because he’s worried his mad martial art skills would get out of hand if he was high, obviously.

Bobby George gets his amputated toe out

When explaining about his previous injuries that give him chronic pain, Bobby George tells the cameras that he lost several toes. It’s only a slightly odd story until George whips out the aforementioned toe, which he keeps in a jar of vodka (to preserve it) behind the bar in his pub.

They Facetime a doctor to get their weed cards

We witness the celebrities meeting with a doctor to get their medical marijuana cards; but obviously, it’s 2017, so instead of meeting in person we see everybody face timing the Doctor.

We meet the Sisters Of The Valley aka the nuns who love pot

On the road trip they head to the farm of Sisters Of The Valley, who grow marijuana, and then turn it into “medical salves, oils and soaps”. The sisters welcome the famous five with open arms, and make them feel right at home by encouraging them to join them in making their medicines.

And then the nuns share a joint with Pam St Clement

As the nuns pass the joint around, most of the celebs turn down the option of a puff – but not Pam. Resulting in possibly the greatest moment of television this year:

Christopher Biggins actually whiteys on television

The entire episode was bloody brilliant, but the pièce de résistance was when the gang headed to meet Nonna Marijuana, a 94-year-old grandmother who is renowned for making top class meals with a not-so-secret ingredient. Nonna cooked up a storm the celebs, using marijuana butter in every single one of the courses.

As the gang tucked in, both Christopher Biggins and Bobby George indulged in a hefty bowl of pot ice cream.

Then they all hop on the bus to go to their next stop, and 90 minutes in the effects of Nonna’s feast begin to kick in, resulting in the pair of them whiteying. Biggins attempts to sing ‘My Way’ before forgetting what song it was before he stops being able to speak, before having to be taken of the psychedelic bus.

It’s official, 2017’s been saved – Gone To Pot is the best hour of television you’ll watch all year.

Gone To Pot continues on ITV 9pm tomorrow Wednesday 15th November