Paul WS Anderson to remake Buck Rogers

Resident Evil director to make space explorer film in 3D

Paul WS Anderson, the man behind the Resident Evil film franchise, is set to delve into the world of a fighter pilot who wakes up in the 25th century.

Buck Rogers – the iconic space explorer who began as a comic strip in the 1920s – has long been mooted as a project for various directors, with Frank Miller announcing it would be his follow-up to The Spirit.

However as The Spirit received disastrous reviews, a Miller version became less likely.

According to Deadline New York, Paul WS Anderson – not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of There Will Be Blood – is going to be the man to take it on, with Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway writing the screenplay.

They also report that the film will be in 3D.

Anderson is currently working on another iconic tale, an update of The Three Musketeers.