Cypress Hill might not want to be Chance The Rapper’s intern – but these people sure do

Dust off your CV

If you’re aiming to break into the creative industries, there’s a fair chance you’ve been an intern at some point. You may have to do menial tasks for little to no pay, but you’ve gotta start somewhere right? It’s all about picking the right opportunities, because why bother being an intern at hellish workplace when you can go straight in at the top and be Chance The Rapper’s intern?

Though he may have picked up a whopping $500,000 to stream his latest album ‘Coloring Book’ exclusively via Apple Music, Chance is looking to give someone a leg up in the industry, and is after someone who has “experience in putting together decks and writing proposals” to be his intern. To us that sounds like a job, and 90s hip-hop stars Cypress Hill agree.


But Chance insists it’s just a holding title, and that it is indeed a “job”.

That hasn’t stopped people getting excited about potentially working with one of the most popular rappers on the earth right now.


Adam’s hoping that their musical expertise helps swing it their way.

These people seem to know their way around a ‘deck’.

But for most of us, we were left scratching our heads…

Convincing pitches? Looks like Jon is your man.

Bold, but effective.

He should probably steer clear of President Trumps’ former intern, who had a social media clanger in 2015.  But then again, Trump does that most days…