‘Pet Sematary’ reboot becomes latest Stephen King adaptation

1989 film set for a modern overhaul

A new film version of Stephen King‘s book Pet Sematary is set to be made.

The Attic director Mary Lambert helmed a 1989 film based on the book, and now The LA Times reports that 1408 screenwriter Matthew Greenberg has written a script for the new project.

He is now set to deliver the script to the Paramount studio, who are reportedly looking for a “high-level director” to take on the project.

The plot of the book follows a family who move into a new house beside a busy road. When the family’s child is knocked down and killed, he’s put to rest in a nearby burial ground – and then rises up from the dead.

It was recently revealed that King‘s book The Stand is being adapted for cinema, while Ron Howard‘s version of The Dark Tower is also in the works.