Petition demands fixes for Pokémon Go bugs

Problems make 'important function of the game unplayable'

A number of Pokémon Go players have started a petition requesting the makers of the game to fix multiple bugs present in the game.

The petition, posted on earlier today, currently has just under 550 signatures, and is requesting Niantic Labs solve issues involving servers and key aspects of the gameplay, as well as respond to players asking for updates when they find problems in the game.

Jessica Johnson, from Rochester, Pennsylvania, wrote in the petition description, “Due to all these problems players are unable to enjoy the game and feel they are wasting their money due to the game being unstable. What is more frustrating is the complete and total lack of customer service with Niantic.”

Johnson also suggested that Niantic should give current players a number of rewards within the game as a “thank you for their support”, including 50 pokeballs, 40 pokecoins and 2 10k eggs.

Pokémon Go’s success has been highlighted after it recently became the most successful mobile game in US history.

The success of the app is so widespread that a Pokémon Go dating app has now been launched. Entitled PokéDates, the venture is an offshoot of existing dating service Project Fixup, and aims to set up prospective partners by sending them on Pokémon hunting dates.

The first ‘PokéDate’ is free but after that, you must refer friends or pay $20 (£15) for each additional date. Find out more info here.