Phoebe Waller-Bridge wants fans to see “darker, weirder, ruder” ‘Fleabag’ play

The play is available to stream now

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has revealed that she wants fans to see a “darker, weirder, ruder” play version of her hit television show, Fleabag.

Speaking on The Late Show last night (April 16) from her London home, Waller-Bridge told Stephen Colbert that her new 17-minute, one-woman monologue was now available to stream on Amazon Prime. All profits from the shows will go to charities that are helping to support those affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s basically the origins of the TV show,” Waller-Bridge explained, also describing it as “a little darker,” “weirder” and “ruder” than the television version.


She continued: “We’re trying to find ways to entertain people but at the same time people are trying to find ways to raise money. With this endeavour, we may have an opportunity to do both.

“It’s really important to remember that the theatre community isn’t just the glitz and glam of the West End…It’s companies up and down the country working so hard to bring communities together, put on plays in school. It’s the behind the scenes.”

You can watch the interview here:

Elsewhere in the interview, Waller-Bridge discussed being in quarantine with her older sister in London – “we’re being very civilised” – she revealed, before going on to speak about her reaction to the Queen’s recent address about the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was really extraordinary. Whatever people think about the Queen or the Royal family…there was a real moment of gravitas. She ended it with the most epic sentence. I mean, it was so badass.”


Last year, Waller-Bridge scored a host of Emmys for the Fleabag TV series, and admitted afterwards that she had regrets about ending the show after two series.

“Even though it’s so nice to hear that so many people loved it, it’s like: ‘Oh dammit, maybe I shouldn’t have waved goodbye’. But it does feel right to go out on a high,” she said.

“It doesn’t get higher than this. It feels like the perfect way to say goodbye.”