Piers Morgan is being criticised again after mocking Will Young’s PTSD

Morgan blocked actress Denise Welch after she accused him of 'undermining mental illness'.

Good Morning Britain‘s Piers Morgan is facing criticism again after he made fun of Will Young‘s anxiety disorder.

The pop singer disclosed in a recent interview that he withdrew from last year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition because he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Young told The Telegraph that he believes his PSTD stems from being separated from his twin brother at birth. It was then exacerbated, Young thinks, by time spent at a “vicious prep school”.

“I’ve probably spent at least half a million quid on my therapy,” he said. “I’ve spent at least £200,000 on treatment alone. I could afford it – most people can’t. It makes me desperately sad.”

Tweeting a link to the interview, Morgan wrote: “Will Young does not have PTSD. He has WNTS – Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome.”

Morgan’s comment was widely criticised on Twitter. Actress Denise Welch, the mother of The 1975’s Matt Healy, called out the presenter for “undermining mental illness”.

Welch subsequently revealed that Morgan had blocked her after he saw her tweets criticising his stance on PTSD.

Morgan then defended his decision to block Welch by saying, “She’s so annoying she was making me mentally ill.”

Asked by a follower why he was “mocking mental health”, Morgan replied: “I’m mocking this ugly new phenomenon of every bloody celebrity claiming to have PTSD. It’s bulls**t.”

Morgan was previously criticised last year for describing PTSD as “the latest celebrity accessory” after Lady Gaga posted a powerful open letter about her battle with the anxiety disorder. At the time, he promptly defended his remarks and said he was “sceptical” about Gaga’s account of the rape which she believes triggered her PTSD.

Gaga later agreed to an interview with Morgan about her PTSD, but this has yet to take place.