Piers Morgan accuses Theresa May of ‘blocking’ government from ‘Good Morning Britain’

The show's co-host says a Conservative MP cancelled his 'GMB' interview just hours before he was due to appear.

Piers Morgan has accused Theresa May of “blocking” anyone from the government from appearing on Good Morning Britain.

The show’s co-host claimed that Conservative MP Sir Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for Defence, had agreed to appear on the ITV breakfast show yesterday (June 27) to talk about the Grenfell Tower tragedy, but pulled out at midnight the night before.

“I am so sorry we haven’t got people from the government here today. Theresa May has blocked anybody from coming in to the programme – but apparently, they are appearing on other outlets,” Morgan told viewers on Tuesday morning.

“They don’t want to come on our show because they don’t want to face the tough questions. I think that’s completely cowardly.” Morgan continued. “Sir Michael Fallon, shame on you for saying you’d come on the show, then pulling out at midnight. You should be here talking to the people of this country whose lives have been affected – many of whom will be watching this programme. Shame on you. I want people at the top of the system to come on here, face the music and answer the difficult questions.”

Morgan also accused Gallon of pulling out of the show on Twitter.

When political journalist Kevin Schofield suggested on Twitter that Morgan’s claims were “flat out untrue”, Morgan replied: “Where is he then?”

Morgan has also been trolling J.K. Rowling this week as her Harry Potter novels celebrate their 20th birthday.

Morgan and Rowling’s beef has escalated several times on Twitter this year already.