‘Pineapple Express’ sequel on the way?

However, plans for crossover film with 'Superbad' have been shelved

Screenwriter Evan Goldberg has hinted that a sequel to Pineapple Express could come to fruition.

Goldberg and the stoner comedy film’s star Seth Rogen are regular collaborators, and recently worked together on The Green Hornet.

Now Goldberg had told Moviehole.net that the initial plan for the sequel was to have a crossover film featuring characters from both Pineapple Express and the pair’s debut hit Superbad, before that idea was shelved.

He said: “We toyed with that idea right after Pineapple came out. We thought that people would enjoy McLovin and [James] Franco together – but we’re never going to touch Superbad ever again, that’s a terrible idea. I’m even hesitant to make Pineapple 2, but I’m loosening up to it as of the last few weeks.”

He added: “Everyone has always wanted to do it. Me and Seth were very hesitant, but frankly I was the driving force behind that hesitancy… great, great films don’t have sequels.”