Our Planet: The first reviews for David Attenborough’s Netflix debut are in

Is it a hit?

The first reviews have been released for Our Planet – and it seems that David Attenborough isn’t winning over critics in the usual way.

The legendary documentarian provides the narration for the new Netflix show, a nature documentary that charts the history of life on Earth.

While visually impressive, critics say that the show sees Attenborough treading over worn territory – likening it to a “greatest hits” of his most popular moments.


In a three-star review, The Telegraph’s Ed Power wrote: “Take the most recent series, 2018’s Dynasties. This found a new way of communicating the drama of nature by focusing on the societal struggles of several alpha species. In their triumphs and reversals we caught reflections of our own. Our Planet, by contrast, feels like a sumptuous repackaging of David Attenborough’s greatest hits without the necessary rigour which deepens our understanding of the natural world.

“Essentially, this is a megabucks remake of Planet Earth and recycles that format by focusing on a different landscape in each episode. There are treks to jungles, deserts, the deep sea and the frozen forests of the far north.”

But Power also praised the show for an “urgent environmental message” and says that it shows “just how bleak the outlook is for the creatures with whom we share this big blue rock”.

Similar criticism came from The Independent’s Ed Cumming, who described the show as “unfocused” and repeated the greatest hits comparison.

Our Planet is more of a greatest-hits parade, with overblown orchestral soundtrack and ponderous intonation. You can’t buy love, even if you pay for David Attenborough,” he said.


Our Planet hits Netflix on April 5.