A ‘Pokémon Go’-style ‘Stranger Things’ game is coming to mobile

An RPG that will let players "explore The Upside Down hidden around them in their daily travels"

Yesterday (June 12), Netflix announced a new Stranger Things mobile game. The streaming company broke the news at their panel at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which Netflix was appearing at for the first time, Polygon reports.

The as-yet-untitled game will come from Next Games, which has developed a game for The Walking Dead and is currently working on one for the Blade Runner franchise. It will be a location-based puzzle RPG, designed in “the style of an 80s Saturday morning cartoon”, read a press release by the Finnish game developer.

The game will be integrated with Google Maps and allow players “explore The Upside Down hidden around them in their daily travels and work with fellow fans to fight back its emerging evils,” it notes. Its use of “location-based mechanics” has already drawn many comparisons to the mobile phenomenon Pokémon Go.


This will be the third mobile game attached to the Netflix series, following the forthcoming Stranger Things 3: The Game and Stranger Things: The Game, which was released in 2017. This new RPG, which will be free to play, is slated to arrive in 2020 on both iOS and Android.

At their E3 panel, Netflix also gave more details about Stranger Things 3: The Game, the console game which will be released alongside the show’s new season on July 4. According to Hollywood Reporter, users, playing as characters from the series, will have to solve puzzles and face off against the Mind Flayer. Characters include Max, whose karate kicks also inflict fire damage, and Eleven, touted by Netflix’s director of interactive games Chris Lee as “the most powerful character of the game”.

Lee also confirmed – without giving much away – that Stranger Things will come to Fortnite soon.