Which pop stars have snubbed Trump’s inauguration – and who might actually play?

These major stars have all shunned Trump's advances

Besides, perhaps, ‘A Summer Celebration Of Southern Rail’ and ‘The Martin Shkreli Wants More Money Benefit Concert’, there’s no event on earth less likely to draw a glittering line-up of A-list performers than Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20. Let’s face it, any act performing to celebrate the ascendence of the climate-change denying demagogue wouldn’t just be off Bill Hicks’ cultural roll-call, all knowledge and memory of them should be wiped from history by sealing them in a shipping container along with all of their master tapes and burying them deep beneath the Mojave desert. Where, ironically, they’re more likely than the rest of us to survive the coming apocalypse.

So whereas Obama appeared to rope in Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder in five minutes on WhatsApp, with a fortnight to go Trump has so far only confirmed that 16-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho – not even the winner – will be singing the Star Spangled Banner, the equivalent of Theresa May hiring Rylan to weep with joy in a ‘Red, White And Blue Brexit’ t-shirt. Worse still, the line-up for Trump’s $350-a-ticket pre-inauguration All American Ball includes Nashville singer/songwriter Beau Davidson, cover band The Reagan Years who only perform songs released during Reagan’s 80’s term, and “the Mid-Atlantic’s hottest Party Band!” The Mixx. Acts, in other words, who don’t care that the gig has got ‘career suicide’ written all over it since they don’t have much of a career to kill off.

Meanwhile, the list of acts who have turned down the chance to perform rather than kick their credibility off a cliff after Kanye’s grows longer by the day. Here’s the list so far.