Protestors gather outside the White House as election polls close

Marches have also popped up in other cities across America

Protesters have gathered outside the White House as election polls continue to close across the US.

Incumbent President Donald Trump is in the running for re-election today (November 3), while former Vice President candidate Joe Biden is hoping to win for the Democrat party.

As polls closed across the country and the first results from the in-person votes were called, protesters gathered outside the White House and on nearby Black Lives Matter Plaza. One group unrolled a huge black banner that read “Remove Trump” outside the presidential residence.


Although the protests have been largely peaceful so far, some pockets of conflict and arrests have been reported according to USA Today.

A “non-scalable” security fence was built around the perimeter of the White House yesterday (November 2) in case of unrest on election day. Businesses in Washington DC and other parts of America also boarded up their buildings ahead of the polls opening should the results spark looting and violence.

Marches have also cropped up in other areas of the US, with police cracking down on protests in North Carolina. One gathering in Raleigh was declared unlawful after protesters reportedly threw fireworks and other items at police.

Stars of the music and entertainment worlds have been sharing their voting experiences and reactions to the early results in tonight’s election.


Actor Mark Ruffalo reminded anxious fans that key states in the battle for the presidency won’t be called tonight due to the number of mail-in votes that need to be counted. Cardi B also shared her response to Trump winning several states early on in a short video.

Meanwhile, Stevie Wonder shared a video to Americans titled ‘The Universe Is Watching Us – What Happens Next…’. “We still have the choice to love or hate, to show compassion or show contempt, to advocate peace or violence,” he said in the clip.