PS5 reportedly has the same CMOS battery failure issue as the PS4

More potential bad news for Sony fans

Sony’s PS5 appears to have the same CMOS battery issue found in the PS4, which stops players accessing digital games in the event of a failure.

Discovered by Does It Play?, a “volunteer-based preservation team” that tests games and hardware, a volunteer performed a test on their PS5 and confirmed that the alleged battery failure issue exists on the new console.

See the tweet below.


A CMOS battery is a component of the PS5’s hardware; it allows the system to retain key information even when it is not powered on. One of the consequences of this battery failing is limited access to digital games. If the CMOS battery malfunctions, players will have to connect to the internet to play games, and failing that, digital titles will simply be inaccessible.

According to Does It Play?, the only way to fix the CMOS is by connecting to PSN or through hacking the system.

The PS4 had the same issue. Several users online removed their CMOS battery and confirmed they could only play games while connected to the internet. Hikikomori Media, a gaming-related content creator, recently published a video explaining the battery’s failure.

Watch it here.


This alleged discovery arrives only a few weeks after Sony confirmed it would close the PS3, PSP and PS Vita storefronts. This means players will no longer be able to download purchased titles on those consoles.

Fans are worried about the long-term usability of the PS4 and PS5. Server shutdowns and CMOS failure could render the consoles unplayable. In comparison, many retro consoles are still used today by gamers across the world without needing an online connection.

Sony has not yet commented on the news.

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