R.I.P. Vine – But These Mesmeric Music Memes Will Never Be Forgotten

If you were confused by the hashtag #RIPVINE trending on Twitter this morning, you probably never saw the value in the six-second looping video artform of Vine, one that’s had a weirdly strong impact on popular culture. Today, the service has shut down the app. Vine is no more. We’re paying tribute to the service with a collection of our favourite music vines.

1. Little Mix’s Jesy attempts a Jamaican Accent

2. ‘Run Away With Me’ everywhere

In March 2016 Jeppo’s banger suddenly spread over Vine like a rash, some six months after its initial release. It was pretty glorious.


Not everyone was a fan though, obviously

3. Rick Ross loves pears


Bloody loves ‘em.

4. Llama loves DMX

For those in need of some Monday morning motivation, there’s always this.

5. Crushing Frozen’s dreams

Hate Frozen? So do these people.

6. Blink 18-Trump

7. The Nirvana Shovel

This one is magical.

8. A-ha: Who is she?

A perfect marriage of music and comedy.

Even Jeff Goldblum got involved, look:

9. Nickelback’s graph

Look at it!!!

10. The Ok Guy

After this went viral, Bieber had a go too:

11. Meme-a-Drake

Drake knew this was going to happen when he was shooting the video, but that doesn’t ruin it.

12. The Whip

It’s hard to put the origins of this dance phenomenon – the most popular trend ever on Vine – down to one person, but you’d probably credit American Football player Odell Beckham Jr with popularizing it, when he used it as a post-scoring celebration in November 2014. Then in early 2015 rapper Silento released a very Vine-friendly track called ‘Watch Me’ which included the lines “Now watch me whip… now watch me nae-nae”. Soon everyone was getting involved.

Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen was a good alternative.

13. I didn’t get no sleep cos of y’all

American reality TV personality Tanisha Thomas did this on Bad Girls Club back in 2008:

Years later the clip resurfaced on Vine and became a hit. And loads of people set it to music.

14. Eyebrows on fleek

Viner Peaches Monroe used this phrase in a selfie video from June 2014; Monroe’s words became an internet phenomenon that popstar Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony sang about, and the likes of Amy Schumer are still using them this year.


15. Kanye grooving to his favourite song of 2015

Honestly, this is his favourite.


16. Parklife

You can add ‘Parklife’ to pretty much any wordy phrasing and it’ll be funny, and Vine was the perfect tool to do this.

17. Taylor dancing


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