Radio DJ Steve Hewlett dies while listening to Bob Dylan

His passing comes just weeks after announcing that he was dying live on air

BBC Radio 4 presenter Steve Hewlett has passed away, just weeks after announcing that he was dying live on air.

The 58-year-old father-of-three and broadcast veteran had been very public about his struggle with the disease, even publishing a diary of his cancer treatment on The Guardian. After hearing that chemotherapy and radiotherapy had failed due to problems with his liver, he promptly married his partner Rachel.

The BBC reports that Hewlett had died on Monday morning (February 20) at the Royal Marsden hospital in London. He had been listening to Bob Dylan with his family at the time of his death.


In a statement, Hewlett’s family describe themselves as “overwhelmed by the support of friends, colleagues and Radio 4 listeners”. They added: “The messages helped Steve enormously, especially over the last few months. The Royal Marsden have been amazing throughout the journey and we are indebted to all the wonderful staff there. We’d like to thank Eddie and all the PM listeners, and if people are still keen to help, then we’d like all donations to go towards the brilliant care the Marsden provide.”

Hewlett wrote for The Guardian and presented The Media Show on BBC Radio 4 since 2008.

Speaking on the Eddie Mair Show earlier this month, Hewlett revealed that that he was told he had just ‘weeks, possibly months’ left to live – advised to ‘live every day as it comes’.

“I’d kind of accepted at some level or other that the outlook was not good for me in the medium to long term,” he said. “Of course you have hope and you do your best and I certainly wasn’t going to give up.

“It took a little while for it to dawn on me what was really being said. This could be it. This could be curtains.”