Raiders swarm ‘Escape From Tarkov’ as the game finally confirms 0.12.11 wipe

A series of events over the last week has seen secure containers binned off, fog everywhere and the economy completely trashed. BattleState Games is ready to hit the reset button

Battlestate Games has today announced a wipe with Escape From Tarkov‘s 0.12.11 update, although they haven’t specified when that update will arrive.

There’s been mounting evidence that a wipe would be arriving in the game after a series of events broke the economy of the game and several more events looked like late-wipe tests, with fog shrouding all of the maps and several experimental changes to secure containers, the Labs map and more.

As powerful NPC raiders have swarmed the game’s maps, the wipe was all but confirmed, as this behaviour is exactly what has been seen for every previous pre-wipe period.


An Escape From Tarkov wipe is a full reset, resetting every player’s skills, inventory, and quest progress. Essentially, this starts everyone from zero, although experienced players will often quickly gain a foothold.

These events occur once roughly every six months to reset the game, and often cause a lot of excitement in the community as people get to start from fresh, far from the accumulated wealth and weaponry many players have after continued play. Usually, these wipes occur on Thursday. As Battlestate Games had a sale to celebrate 0.12.11 from Friday to Sunday last week, it’s possible that the wipe was planned for last Thursday and was delayed.

There are no patch notes for update 0.12.11 yet, but several things have been hinted at by the game’s creator, Nikita Buyanov. This includes a full rework to red dot sights, changes to weapon durability, and also the transfer of Escape From Tarkov to an updated engine, Unity 2019, which could bring better optimisation and visuals.

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