Record Store Day releases begin appearing on ebay

Releases already appearing on the site include David Bowie, The Cure and Prince.

Record Store Day releases are already appearing on ebay, with some listed for over £200.

Over 500 releases are exclusively available through independent record shops today (22 April) – on vinyl, picture disc, cassette and more. Artists include David Bowie, Prince, The Cure and Iggy Pop.

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“Shops all over the country will be supporting the releases with an array of events – live music, raffles, quizzes, giveaways and more – offering a day that truly celebrates the record shop culture that we all live and breathe every day,” said Natasha Youngs of Resident Music in Brighton. “The UK’s independent record shops are a fiercely diverse set of businesses but this event brings us together to celebrate our differences.”

Queues began at stores last night. One Twitter user shared pictures of shoppers queuing at Piccadilly Records in Manchester as early as 2pm yesterday (April 21).

Records have now begun appearing on ebay, with David Bowie’s Gem Promo Box listed for over £200. A Prince six-set LP collection is listed for £200, while The Ramones singles boxset is listed for £180.

Other releases listed on the site include Iggy Pop and Bruce Springsteen. More are assumed to appear throughout the day.


In 2015, Johnny Marr criticised the “eBay tossers” re-selling his Record Store Day release for an inflated price.

Marr took to Twitter to condemn those who were selling copies online at a high cost. “I’ll try to do an extra run of I Feel You 7″ singles so those who wanted it but didn’t get it don’t get ripped by the EBay tossers. J,” he wrote earlier today (April 21). On Record Store Day he also posted the message: “Do not pay inflated prices for I Feel You on eBay. It’s a rip off & not in the spirit of RSD. Johnny #screwthetouts”.