Twitter is arguing over how to pronounce ‘Reese’s’

An online poll has sparked heated debate

One Twitter user’s poll has struck up a heated debate about how to pronounce the name of the chocolate brand Reese’s.

“How do you pronounce the name of the peanut butter cup candy with the orange wrapper?”, Twitter user @deloryasss asked at the weekend, offering the options of “Ree-Cees” and “Ree-Sis”.

Over 158,000 people have so far voted on the poll (correct at the time of publishing), with 60% opting for the latter choice, “Ree-Sis”.


The question sparked major debate on Twitter, with many arguing how the brand name is “supposed to rhyme with pieces”. Others pointed out how we don’t call the famous actress “Ree-cee Witherspoon”.

However, some remained adamant that it’s pronounced “Ree-Cees” and that they will continue to call it “Ree-Cees”. “Ree-sis is correct, but I’m a man set in my ways of the ‘sees’,” one person said.

Another joked: “Who would make a soft, brown candy and give it a name that rhymes with ‘feces?'”


The company itself has addressed the matter on Twitter before, writing that, “Just like there’s no wrong way to eat a REESE’S there’s no wrong way to pronounce REESE’S!”.

However, a spokesperson for Reese’s has confirmed that the company is named after inventor HB Reese and should indeed be pronounced “Ree-Sis”.

Meanwhile, the person who first started the poll has since admitted that she has been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.