Rejjie Snow reveals all on bromance with Mac DeMarco and teases debut album

"He just kept kissing me all night".

Rejjie Snow has opened up on how he forged an unlikely bromance with Mac DeMarco after the pair found themselves sharing the bill at a festival in Paris.

The bromance was first revealed by the Dublin rapper last month, after he shared a series of photos from backstage at Rock en Seine Festival, showing the pair exchanging piggy backs and hugging each other.

Now, he’s been invited by Mac to “hit him up” when he’s next in LA.

Speaking to NME at Bestival, Rejjie said: “We played a festival in Paris together and obviously I’m a big fan of him so we just started talking and he’s just so cool. I really hope that we can become best friends.

“He told me to hit him up when I get to LA so I’m going to do that as soon as I get to LA. Hopefully we can just hang out. He’s weird, isn’t he? I like that he’s weird, I’m weird too so it’s good to meet someone weird.”

Describing their antics in Paris, Rejjie spoke of how Mac kept kissing him through a drunken haze.

“He just kept kissing me all night and I was like alright, cool! I’m happy I was drunk so it wasn’t that weird”, he said.

“I love his music, that ‘On A Level’ track, I just can’t stop playing that one.”

He also apologised to fans for the delayed release of debut album ‘Dear Annie’, and teased that the record will give fans a “soundtrack to their lives”.

“They’re going to release the pre-order date soon so once I’ve got that date I can’t go back from that. That’s coming real soon, so there’ll be a date out there for the public but apologies man, I think it’s some of the best music I’ve made so that’s why it’s taken a while”, he said.

“I wanted to keep the sound that people recognise from the beginning, but also I know I’ve got a new fanbase steadily coming on so I know that there’s all these different sides to me that people don’t know, or do know. I’m trying to merge the two together and make this body of work that was cohesive but also makes sense and I’m proud of.

“A lot of the time I make songs and I make them because I’m just going through the motions, but I felt like for the album I needed to be a bit personal and give people a soundtrack to their lives, their struggles.”