‘Stranger Things 3’ – the reviews are in

See what the buzz is ahead of the series' return to Netflix this week

The first reviews have landed for Stranger Things 3, ahead of the series’ return to Netflix this week.

The series will be available on screens from Thursday (July 4), with critics having delivered a near-unanimous verdict ahead of its comeback.

Critics have been almost universal in praising the show, with some hailing it as the finest run so far.


USA Today stated Stranger Things has “reinvented itself”, saying ” Except for a few cheesy moments here and there, the new episodes are exuberant and excellent, nearly surpassing the creative heights of the first season and providing a path to keeping things strange for years to come.”

The paper added: “It creates a genuinely terrifying (and really rather disgusting) new threat.”

Slashfilm  called the new series “better than ever”, adding it had upped its emotional content even higher than in the first two runs. The site said: “Stranger Things 3 carefully builds its way towards big Spielbergian moments loaded with pulse-pounding action beats against memorable set pieces. And everyone is bringing their A-game.”

Gamespot also raved about the new series, saying: “David Harbor gives Hopper a new look and a new attitude. And Winona Ryder brings the same lovable, just short-of-manic energy to Joyce.”


Gamespot added: “It’s hard to say much more about the new series without giving away too much. There’s going to be lots of discussion about what happens to various characters, questions about the way things certain things are revealed and debate its ending. For now, it’s safe to say Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have pulled it off. After a lacklustre sophomore slump, Stranger Things is back at the top of its game.”

Not all reviews were so full of praise. The Daily Telegraph said series three is “plodding, predictable and frustrating”. It said: “Over-familiarity is the biggest issue in a series which refuses to stray from the Goonies-meets-Stephen King formula.”