Rhys Meyers and Adrien Brody set for role in new ‘Fantastic Four’ film?

Two actors tipped to play Reed Richards

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Adrien Brody are both in the running to play Reed Richards in the new Fantastic Four film.

Twentieth Century Fox are rumoured to be casting Alice Eve or Amber Heard as Sue Storm in the Marvel flick, and now they’re looking for a lead man, reports Screenrant.com.

Adrien Brody has recently starred in Predators and Splice, while Meyers has hit the big screen in From Paris With Love, alongside TV drama The Tudors.

Ioan Gruffudd starred as Richards in the first two Fantastic Four films – the next will not be called Fantastic Four Reborn as previously rumoured, and is set for a summer release in 2012.