Richard Ayoade’s ‘Submarine’ achieves highest UK per-screen figures

Drama will play in almost double the theatres this week

Submarine has achieved the highest per-screen ticket sales of any film released in the UK since it came out on Friday (March 18).

The figures, a rough tally that comes from dividing a film’s box office sales by the number of cinemas it is screening in, is used as an indicator of how a film will continue to fare.

The movie is Richard Ayoade‘s big screen directorial debut, and due to it topping the per-screen figures will now be more widely distributed.

The number of theatres showing the film around the UK will be increased from 59 to around 100. Rave reviews and word-of-mouth have contributed to the film’s success.

Based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne, Submarine introduces leads Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige. The soundtrack is written and performed by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.