Richard Madden was “totally surprised” by how ‘Game of Thrones’ ended

However, the actor hasn't even seen the final episode.

Former Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden has admitted that he was “totally surprised” by how the hit TV show ended.

Madden, who played Robb Stark on Game of Thrones until he was killed off at the infamous Red Wedding in season 3, told Good Morning America that the show’s finale was spoiled for him, and that he was as shocked as everyone else by who ended up taking the throne.

“It’s been spoiled quite a few times for me already,” Madden said of who ended up on ‘The Iron Throne’. “Totally surprised – I’ll have to watch it now and see how he ended up there.”


While the actor’s character was killed off years ago, it’s likely he would be smiling at the Starks ending up triumphant in the end. The finale saw Bran named King of the Six Kingdoms, while Sansa Stark became Queen of an independent North, achieving what Robb Stark essentially set out to do early on in the show.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has explained Sansa Stark’s “satisfying” ending.

The actress, 23, believes Sansa Stark received “the most satisfying ending” of anyone on the show after re-establishing the North as an independent kingdom – and her serving as its de facto leader.

“Since she got to King’s Landing in season one, [Sansa] never wanted that Iron Throne,” Turner told Entertainment Tonight.


“She never wanted to rule over that many people… I think, watching how this character finished on Game of Thrones was the most satisfying ending.”