Richard Madden was “thankful” to be killed off in ‘Game of Thrones’

Poor Robb Stark.

Richard Madden has explained how he was thankful  to be one of the earlier stars to meet their end on Game of Thrones.

The Scottish actor portrayed Robb Stark on the HBO fantasy show until memorably meeting his end in the ‘Red Wedding’ episode of season three.

Despite departing the show back in 2013, Madden has now reflected upon his shock death in an interview with Amy Adams as part of Variety‘s Actors on Actors feature.


“It was such a hard thing to finish because from first pilot to my death was five years,” Madden said. “But five years was a great time to be on the show. It helped me so much with my career and experience. I learned a lot from shooting 30 hours of television. You really start to learn the trade doing that. And then I was thankful to leave it.”

Richard Madden

He added: “The actors [who made it to the end] must be 11 years into playing these characters. Give these guys some medals, because that is a marathon.”

This comes after Madden admitted his surprise at Game of Thrones’ unexpected ending.

Madden told Good Morning America that the show’s finale was spoiled for him, and that he was as shocked as everyone else by who ended up taking the throne.


“It’s been spoiled quite a few times for me already,” Madden said of who ended up on ‘The Iron Throne’. “Totally surprised – I’ll have to watch it now and see how he ended up there.”

As well as appearing as Elton John’s manager John Reid in Rocketman, it’s expected that Madden could also join the MCU with a role in the forthcoming Eternals.