A Rick And Morty comic based on Pocket Morty game is out now

The 'Pokemon' style game has its own comic mini-series.

From Adult Swim and Oni Press comes the Rick And Morty comic based on the show’s Pokemon style mobile game that briefly exploded last year.

Pocket Mortys was released in January 2016 and is loosely based on the capture, train and battle mechanics of Pokemon – the difference being that you caught Mortys from various universes and pitted them against each other.

Rick And Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It is written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Marc Ellerby, Paste report, who has contributed artwork to the TV series in the past. The first issue of the five issue comic mini-series was released today (July 5).

The long awaited season three of Rick And Morty will finally begin on July 30, despite episode one of the season airing on April Fool’s this year.

In January 2016 Dan Harmon appeared at Magic City Comic Con and revealed that unlike season one, which had 11 episodes, and season two, which had 10, there’d be 14 episodes in season three. Another reason for the massive gap between season two and three.

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Last May, Rick and Morty appeared in an Adult Swim short to promote the release of Alien Covenant.

In the new clip, Morty encourages Rick to investigate a distress signal in an abandoned ship. When Rick gets attacked by a facehugger.

Meanwhile, a packet of old McDonald’s limited-edition Szechuan sauce has sold on Ebay for nearly £15,000 (£11,500) after being popularised in that first episode of season three of Rick and Morty.