Rick and Morty creator responds to trolls attacking show’s female writers

'I loathe these people'

The co-creator of ‘Rick And Morty‘ Dan Harmon has responded to trolls attacking the show’s female writers – slamming the abuse as “disgusting”.

Previously a male dominated group of writers, Adult Swim mixed it up for season three and now have a gender balanced writing team. After the second and third episodes, ‘Rickmancing the Stone’ and ‘Pickle Rick’” were credited to two women (Jessica Gao and Jane Becker), they received harassment on Twitter and had personal information was leaked online.

“Part of it is a testosterone-based subculture,” Harmon told Entertainment Weekly, “patting themselves on the back for trolling these women… These knobs, that want to protect the content they think they own — and somehow combine that with their need to be proud of something they have, which is often only their race or gender.”


Rick Morty writers
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He continued: “It’s offensive to me as someone who was born male and white, and still works way harder than them, that there’s some white male [fan out there] trying to further some creepy agenda by ‘protecting’ my work. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I loathe these people. It fucking sucks.”

Harmon later says that targeting one credited writer is unfair, and “total ignorance of how writing a television show works”.

He explained why not every single writer involved in a show is credited, saying “Everyone deserves one of those times at bat where they have to do all the grunt work — they have to do all the outlining, sometimes, if they’re willing to, they can expand into the post-production process.”

Words by Carly-May Kavanagh


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