Rick and Morty share emotional new post-credits scene

The heartwarming clip stars Mr. Poopybutthole and references Beyoncé

Rick and Morty celebrated Thanksgiving by sharing a touching new post-credits scene, starring sidekick character Mr. Poopybutthole.

As the credits to season three’s final episode roll, Poopybutthole looks back through an old photo album chronicling his life. He reflects on his marriage to Mrs. Poopybutthole, the tragic death of their first cat, and his wife’s Beyoncé-style pregnancy announcement.

It’s an emotional scene, strongly reminiscent of the Carl and Ellie story in Pixar film Up! , only with a less heartbreaking ending. Watch it below.


Rick and Morty fans are desperate for more news on a fourth season. Season three concluded back in October, with Mr. Poopybutthole himself declaring a follow-up wouldn’t happen for a “really long time.” There’s typically been a lengthy gap in between each season, with 18 months in between seasons 2 and 3, so this would fit in neatly with the usual timeline.

But fans of the show are wondering whether there could be another episode released sooner. Reddit user TheMistling has outlined a theory where season 3 will actually conclude in the form of a season finale surprise released over the holidays – so could it be back on our scenes by Christmas? The show currently airs on Netflix in the UK and Adult Swim in the US.


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