Ricky Gervais says we’ve seen the last of David Brent

He's revealed the character's been put to bed in a new NME interview

Ricky Gervais has revealed that we’ve seen the last of David Brent in a new NME interview.

Brent was the star protagonist of Gervais’ breakthrough series The Office, where he plays an aspiring rock star turned paper salesman in an office in Slough. He returned to the screen for David Brent: Life On The Roada 2016 feature-length film detailing his attempts to reunite his old band Foregone Conclusion, with cataclysmic results.

In a new NME interview, we asked Ricky Gervais whether Life On The Road would be the last outing for Brent. “I think so,” Ricky Gervais tells NME. “I think Brent at 60 being a tampon rep, still trying to be a pop star might just be too much.”


Watch the interview back in full below.

Elsewhere, discussing the worldwide success of The Office, Gervais admits, it surprises him to some degree.

“The success surprises me, obviously, but in retrospect I sort of know why it worked,” he says, “because the themes were universal: boy meets girl, bad boss trying to make a difference. It was a show about fame and comedy, too. I watched a lot of those docusoups of the 1990s where a ordinary person would get their 15 minutes.”

He also denied he watched Love Island, but admitted:I still tune in to Big Brother.”